Welcome to A Bluffalo is a North American Bison with above average powers of deception. It's also my website. Come on, take a look, it won't hurt.

What I Do

I work in IT. But not just old-school, boring "Have you turned it off and on again" IT. I have chosen to specialise in ensuring systems are as cutting edge and agile as possible, by using the latest technologies. Chrome OS, Windows, OSX, Android and iOS all have their place in IT. Systems should be designed around the end user, not the IT department.


Who I Am?

My name is Ben Jackson. I sometimes wish my name was more dynamic, like "Stryder Killdozer" or such, but I'm going to have to make do. I'm based in London and I have 10 years of Professional IT Experience. I have a varied background across many specialisms, but my focus for several years now has been on running, implementing and developing systems for SME, both locally and from the cloud.


My Work

I have successfully managed many projects in my time, however a key few are outlined below. I feel it's critical to ensure you don't just supply a system and walk away - if the customer has invested long-term, you have too.

Say Hello.

After all, you know so much about me now, it's only polite to drop me a line!